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You need the best possible visuals for your brand. Your website is your home base and should be driving in attention from all your customers. I help design and develop a perfect functioning website to deliver exclusive content to your customers. Your fans should be able to subscribe to your website while being updated on your recent news releases and more. Protect your brand and make sure your website is professionally done! Get Started today and let’s talk about your project!

Hello, đź‘‹ I’m Patrice Floyd Jr. and I work as a freelance creative professional in beautiful Palmdale, California.


I create stunning responsive searh engine optimized  website designs as well as graphic design services for flyers, business cards, banners, t-shirts, menus, brochures, tickets, lawn signs, door hangers, stickers, labels, and album artwork. Now also offering video editing, and more.
While no two days or experiences are exactly alike here, I hope to share a glimpse of what the world looks like, through my lens. I believe every day is an opportunity to do your best work, to learn something new, and to give value to the lives of those around you. I aim to do this every day, so I can put my signature on the efforts I do and feel good about the impact I make daily.

Website Design

First impression is everything so I definitely build to impress!

Graphic Design

Simple graphic design can take your web and print works from drab and dull to truly brilliant.


Are you on Google? Do you want to be cause you definitely need to be.





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Our relationship extends far beyond a simple financial transaction. Once my clients leave my doors, the magic continues to grow as a brand begins to make its way into the rest of the world.

While you’re here please make yourself comfortable and enjoy a collection of instances in which my work has come to life. Everything you can imagine is real.